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Our Adoptable Dogs and Adoption Process

Adoptable Dogs

WHDR's Adoption Process 

  • Complete and submit the adoption questionnaire found on the Apply to Adopt page.

  •  A WHDR volunteer will contact you regarding the Dal you are interested in or one that may be more suited to your lifestyle. The volunteer may also inform you of Dals available in a shelter near you.

  • The adoption committee will check your vet and personal references and set up a time for a home visit. 

  • Finally, the volunteer will arrange the time and place (often your home or the foster home) for the adoption. 

  • You will sign the WHDR Adoption Contract which stipulates that if anything ever happens in which the dog is no longer able to remain living with you, you will return the dog to Willing Hearts; not to a shelter, another family or have him/her euthanized. 

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