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Our Heart is in the Right Spot!

Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping unwanted, abandoned Dalmatians in shelters find loving homes. 

Rescuing Dals from the following states:

PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, OH, & SC

We foster all dogs in our homes, bring them up to date on vet care and spay/neuter. Our primary goals include offering creative ideas to assist owners with the many different aspects of raising a Dalmatian, educating the public about the Dalmatian breed, and promoting spay and neuter as well as responsible dog ownership.

The dogs at Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue are family and we are looking for loving homes that want to add a family member to them.  When you adopt from us you also adopt us!  We are here to help and to make sure that your new family member is in the best possible place for you and them.  The adoption fee is $300, we do not adopt on a first come first serve basis, we review all applications and choose the best fit for the family and the dog.

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